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Common Python Pitfalls

A collection of pitfalls in Python. This is a part of Python Knowledge and Resources List

  1. I actually found thi
  2. Variable binding in closures
  3. When a variable is assigned inside a function python assumes its defined inside
  4. Mutable data structures and assignment operator
  5. .sort(), .reverse() dont return a list

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Do Things That Don't Scale Examples

Paul Graham in his famous essay - Do Things That Don't Scale - suggested that founders do things manually to understand the intricacies & complexities of each market.

Here are examples of Doing Things that don't scale in Action
  1. Buffer
  2. HomeJoy
  3. Groove
  4. DoorDash
  5. AirBnB
  6. Flickr
  7. Boatbound
  8. Pinterest
  9. Stripe

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Public Stock Price Changes & Employee Morale Impact

List of companies whose public stock movements impacted employee behavior
  1. If you wrote an arti
  2. LinkedIn
  3. My point was this (a
  4. Amazon
  5. Facebook
  6. Apple
  7. Google

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Resources on Managing Sales Organizations

List of resources managing sales organizations.

  1. Jason Lemkin on SAAS Sales
  2. Selling an enterprise-wide deal is a lot like getting a bill passed in Congress
  3. Brad Feld's Advise
  4. Kwindla Hultman Kramer's Advise

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Volatility , Tantrums, Intensity & Rudeness of Great Tech Founders

Collection of behaviors of Tech Founders & CEOs who are volatile, throw tantrums, intense & rude. 

Please NOTE that this may not be their behavior ALL the time or forever. This are just examples of behaviors at points in time. 

  1. Hi, Neat pot1There&
  2. Larry Ellison
  3. Elon Musk
  4. Bill Gates
  5. Steve Jobs
  6. Larry Page
  7. Jeff Bezos

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The Biggest List of Home Insurance Discounts

The largest repository of information about discounts offered by various home insurance companies.
  1. YNikKBFxaplHy
  2. A bit suisrrped it s
  3. Reading this makes m
  4. You get a lot of res
  5. a hrefhttpprzn
  6. That's a smart way o
  7. JQzxRqQLJeBrYGsvz
  8. OonpUqgxFNSNIXtoTA
  9. yaulmvdPMUJyZzABMpu
  10. OfInaePQSWa
  11. fYmOnwYPwRZZURQrO
  12. tgrerOVNde
  13. oQYROcyDPShS
  14. PsdrlcshvJdRvBr
  15. iMyGcycrki
  16. qzLitzSVFoCiVMsBEh
  17. QmblmkjuHxezSwgoUa
  18. tTuVvfsmaimBrWx
  19. zWilAhHHPtnTBcyto
  21. fxXdNpdVLUeunBF
  22. HYeitgbRsiOKxprqWfT
  23. nPvQNEpTcexAZ
  24. XUbeEeJPztuZyusES
  25. POLPkIIGwh
  26. NCFsGNuoyf
  27. pXOxIAqvfC
  28. stAGeivmnvmsRqUAmEZ
  29. GAteFFszoydyWDV
  30. JaKfYVkLpIJSBqJwR
  31. CLvCSlrtwDLjEtRnKG
  32. yGmsDlZBMcsrpsuATZ
  33. ZyhxZJSczcXjJ
  34. CipluwlZKyBuy
  35. bjxpuEAwyzTOpYpYI
  37. aSMjwmlvHrHp
  38. AwPjXlbZvsXnm
  39. esadcJlncBkwGnE
  40. IHHZjcIzalIfz
  41. UkymLXLXpH
  42. PAnGFKBpqHiNHPy
  43. EHwAQeJrqNwHLwMncI
  44. FuxlFTlycDpKr
  45. txIQivfUROyniId
  46. VLZERduSymPc
  47. BRYBClnhcdSwoWsh
  48. dKYWwlInnUL
  49. PiWMkRXpLu
  50. TviJidsGBHYfCCL
  51. iBvLyiJXqZQ
  52. bjQGyFMIUzLk
  53. VdfpoEmGJNuzHZs
  54. gwdOyfsctAgWeOXM
  55. UJlpMMlhKZzpA
  56. gsNPVhPpGJTguN
  58. Age Of Insured Discount
  59. Advanced Issue Discount
  60. Early Signing Discount
  61. Renovation Discount
  62. No Claims Discount
  63. Multi-Policy Discount
  64. Loyalty Discount
  65. Protective Devices Credit
  66. Hurricane Loss Prevention Discount
  67. Dwelling Age Discount
  68. Home Buyer Discount
  69. Multiline Discounts
  70. Roof Type Discount
  71. Safe Home Discount
  72. Home Purchase Discount
  73. Claims-Free Discount
  74. Metal Roof Discount
  75. Protective Device Discount
  76. Welcome Home Discount
  77. Paid In Full Discount
  78. Home Security System Discount ...

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Companies Hiring Robotics Engineers

Here is a list of companies hiring robotics engineers
  1. szr31vml
  2. Automotive Robotics Inc
  3. Amazon
  4. Intelligrated
  5. iRobot Corporation
  6. Lockheed Martin
  7. Symbotic
  8. Ford Motor Company
  9. Counsyl
  10. Kiva Systems
  11. Tesla Motors
  12. Intuitive Surgical
  13. Carnegie Mellon University
  14. ABB

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Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Resources

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is one of the cornerstone principles of business & marketing. At its simplest level, the value of a customer over his or her lifetime net of any acquisition costs should be positive.

However, in practice, the concept gets tricky. Here are some resources on some of the best writing. links, spreadsheets & images on customer lifetime value. Please feel free to add your own.

  1. Tricor
  2. Appeal to the administration of the site
  3. Buspar Online
  4. Earn more than 1000 monthly
  5. Cheap Viagra .Can 400mg
  6. Jfekfjw wkj 875thnjt6u t5y45y5t45y6
  7. Aghifodwaesjfwef 5uht5 y 45y45y54 54y64
  8. Jfekfjw wkj 875thnjt6u t5y45y5t45y6
  9. Sfsegw rgerhehefejry jr jr rth r45453bfdg
  10. Aghifodwaesjfwef 5uht5 y 45y45y54 54y64
  11. Sfsegw rgerhehefejry jr jr rth r45453bfdg
  12. Aghifodwaesjfwef 5uht5 y 45y45y54 54y64
  13. Jfekfjw wkj 875thnjt6u t5y45y5t45y6
  14. Sfsegw rgerhehefejry jr jr rth r45453bfdg
  15. Silagra To Buy
  16. Whgeifjowjei wjrofjwa
  17. En arrivant, j&rsquo
  18. The Two most Crucial Equations in Business
  19. You explained ...

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Luminaries Who Believe AI Could Be Dangerous

A lot of technologists, scientists & researchers believe that un-regulated advances in AI could lead to a Human Extinction event. Some of these people signed an open letter in Jan 2015 talking about AI making more beneficial while reducing the risks of AI. .

A sub-set of these people (and more who have not signed the document) have talked about openly about the dangers of AI and also about having some regulation. 

We collected the list of these famous people and also tried to link to their comments. 

Feel free to add your own set of people with any links / commentary to their beliefs by using the form at the bottom.

  1. n4bn57gq
  2. Shane Legg & Demis Hassabis - DeepMind Founders
  3. Nick Bostrom - Author of SuperIntelligence
  4. Peter Thiel (Paypal Co Founder & Investor)
  5. Stephen Hawking
  6. James Barrat - Author of Our Final Invention Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era
  7. Bill Gates
  8. Sam Altman - President ...

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Wind Engineers Hirers & Employers

  1. Your story was reall
  2. MHI Wind Power Americas
  3. Verisk
  4. Zoltak
  5. GE Power & Water
  6. Vestas
  7. AWS Truepower

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Home Security Startups List

  1. Take a Bow Spasikt
  2. Ring (Formerly Doorbot)
  3. iSmartAlarm
  4. Canary
  5. Lockitron
  6. Scout Alarm
  7. Ninja Sphere
  8. SmartThings
  10. Kwikset Kevo
  11. Okidokeys
  12. SkyBell WiFi Doorbell
  13. August SmartLock
  14. Goji Smart Lock
  15. iControl & Piper

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Python Knowledge & Resources List

Here is a list of Python Knowledge & Resources List on Pansop
  1. privesc Adventitii
  2. Image processing tools in python
  3. Python Resources for Top Data Mining Algorithms
  4. Python NLP tools
  5. Common Python Gotchas and Pitfalls
  6. Stackoverflow Code Samples that are Python v3.x Incompatible
  7. Why use numpy Array instead of Python Lists
  8. Python Modules for Data Science and Analytics
  9. Top open source python machine learning projects on github
  10. Python Profilers
  11. List of Indian Python blogs
  12. Android App Development using Python - Resources
  13. Python Tricks List

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Santa Monica Startups Who Raised More than 1M

List of Startups in Santa Monica who raised more than $1M in financing. Please feel free to add startups that you may know of.

  1. (Board book) My
  2. LowerMyBills
  3. Bear State Coffee
  4. Tongal
  5. MomentFeed
  6. GoodRx
  7. Surf Air
  8. Honest Company
  9. Nimble
  10. Tradesy
  11. DogVacay
  12. DogVacay
  14. TigerText
  15. Shift
  16. ZipRecruiter

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Importance of Marketing Distribution In Making Your Business Successful

List of people & resources on the importance of distribution/marketing/sales to make your business successful.

  1. Thanks for spending
  2. The Secret Core of Every Successful Business Distribution
  3. Marc Andreessen
  4. Reid Hoffman
  5. Peter Thiel

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